Ph.D. (in progress), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

M.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT​​


M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology​​


B.S., Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

A.A. Engineering, Honors College at Miami-Dade College 



Biology and Medicine


5.12 Organic Chemistry

7.08 Genetics

7.05 Biochemistry

7.06 Cell Biology

7.28 Molecular Biology

6.021[J]/6.521 Cellular Biophysics

7.49 Developmental Neurobiology

7.95 Cancer Biology

6.589 Principles of Synthetic Biology

9.015 Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

7.20/HST.540 Human Physiology

HBTM 235 Principles of Human Disease

HST.034 Principles and Practices of Human Pathology

HST.176 Cellular and Molecular Immunology

HST.140 Molecular Medicine

HST.192 Medical Decision Analysis

20.202 In Vivo Models: Principles and Practices

20.203 Neurotechnology in Action

HST.165 Principles of Biomedical Imaging 

6.555 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

HST.962 Medical Product Development and Translational Biomedical Research

HST.S55 Emerging Problems in Infectious Diseases

CHM1025 Introductory Chemistry

CHM1025L Introductory Chemistry Lab

CHM1045 General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis

CHM1045L General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis Lab

HUN1201 Essentials of Human Nutrition

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

6.036 Machine Learning

6.878 Machine Learning in Genomics

6.802 Computational Systems Biology: Deep Learning in the Life Sciences

​6.884 Computational Aspects of Therapeutic Design

6.S191 Deep Learning

6.S091 Deep Reinforcement Learning

6.S099 Artificial General Intelligence

CS1372 Computer Program Design

COP1220 C++ Programming

ECE3055 Computer Architecture and Operating Systems

ECE3076 Computer Communications

ECE2030 Computer Engineering

CS6365 Enterprise Computing

CS6750 Human-Computer Interaction

ECE4114 Internetwork Security

COP2999 MySQL and PHP Programming

COP2999 Web Development

6.831 User Interface Design and Implementation

6.S188 Site Reliability Engineering

6.S183 iOS App Development

6.S089 Quantum Computing

6.555 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

HST.165 Principles of Biomedical Imaging 

ECE2025 Digital Signal Processing

ECE2040 Circuit Analysis

ECE2031 Digital Design Laboratory

ECE3085 Systems and Controls

ECE6550 Linear Systems and Controls

ECE6554 Adaptive Controls 

ECE4903 Embedded Digital Controls

ECE3040 Microelectronic Circuits

ECE3041 Instrumentation and Circuits Lab

ECE3042 Microelectronic Circuits Lab

ECE4175 Embedded Microcontroller Design

ECE2025 Electromagnetics

ECE6322 Power Systems Planning and Reliability

ECE6615 Sensor Networks

EST1082 Electronics

ECE6390 Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems

Physics and Mathematics


ME3322 Thermodynamics 

PHYS2213 Modern Physics

PHY2048 Physics II 

PHY2049 Physics I

ISYE3770 Statistics 

MATH1522 Linear Algebra

MAP2302 Differential Equations 

MAP2313 Calculus III 

MAP2312 Calculus II 

MAP2311 Calculus I 

ECE2025 Electromagnetics  

EGS2311 Statics 

MAC1105 College Algebra 

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