"There are few times in our lives when science astonishes us - when we suddenly may be able to do something that once seemed out of reach. This is one of those moments." -Editas Medicine

 The objective of this research is to develop engineering and computational approaches to control biological systems with an emphasis in the development of solutions for complex medical challenges. 


Close-loop, real-time, computational control of human stem cells.

Genome-wide analysis and computational tools for human cell engineering.

Tools for cancer therapeutic design, efficacy, and prediction.

Brain cell regeneration using genetically encoded biomolecular devices.

Tissue engineering using genetically encoded biomolecular devices.

Machine learning for neurological disease phenotype detection.

Personalized drug screening using biomolecular sensors.

SWIM: Implantable and wearable wireless digital sensors on flexible biomaterials.

Computational neurophysiology for neurological disorder drug screening.

Machine learning for precise, automated, abnormal heart rhythm detection.

Smartphone app and wearable badge for autism spectrum disorder.

Cyber-physical home system for elderly health care.

GoogleFit: Cyber-physical system for improved physical fitness.

CLOVER: Social platform for prescription medicine compliance.